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Renee Doty

Instagram: @reneedotyart


My current work revolves around landscape, both real and imagined. I am intrigued by textures, the ever-changing light and atmosphere, and the relationship and interaction of earth and sky. With a blend of both realism and abstraction using a variety of media, I am trying to impart my visceral, emotional response to place, rather than the actual representation of it.

Renee has been attracted to art since early childhood. After coming of age, she sought out every opportunity to work in the field, working over the years in diverse areas as a production potter, artist’s model, and graphic artist, to name a few. Renee earned her BFA in Painting from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1989. A native of California, she has made the Alameda/Oakland area her home for the past 33 years.

Untitled 6x8 Monotype.jpg
Doty - Late Sunset in Fog 2014 MM.jpeg
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