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Jeanie Moran

I am a mixed medium artist and work with watercolor, acrylic, pastel and collage. I have been fascinated with organic cellular shapes and they consistently appear in my work. I often begin my paintings without a conceived idea. Light, movement, color and transparency play a big part in what I do. I work with materials that I have around me at the time. I approach my painting spontaneously and incorporate multiple textures and layers to create watery and dreamlike atmospheres. I am now working primarily on paper and enjoy the freedom it offers. The properties of paper allow me to easily experiment using different color palettes with much more ease than painting on canvas.

I have been exhibiting professionally since 2005 and have been affiliated with several organizations during this time.

Aqua Blue Pears.jpg
Special Moments in My Garden.jpeg
Mysterious Figure Looming.jpg
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